About Us

A member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating, we are the only Chinese visa service agency that has an office in each city where there is a Chinese Embassy/Consulate.

Since 2012, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in all six locations have started to enforce strict jurisdictional rules for Chinese visa processing. Applicants are required to apply at an office that has consular jurisdiction over the state they live in. Applications sent to a wrong office may be rejected and returned. The Embassy and Consulates also forbid visa service agencies to make material changes to applicants’ visa application forms. If a visa application form is found to have been tampered with, the application will be denied. However, through special arrangement, we are able to process rush and emergency visas in a couple of offices for residents of all 50 states.

With offices in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC, we are well positioned to help customers to process their Chinese visa applications regardless of their state of residency. When you apply through China Visa Service Center, you do not have to worry about sending it to a wrong place. Simply fill out our Order Form and you will be automatically directed to the correct office based on your state of residency and level of service requested.

American travelers obtain their Chinese visas, and provided U.S. passport services at the same time. Because of our highly efficient and reliable Chinese visa application services, we have earned the support and praise from our loyal customers who have in turn helped us grow from a small Houston firm to one with multiple branch offices across the country.

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